As a book designer at Tyndale House Publishers, I design covers and interiors for fiction, nonfiction, kids, gift, and Bibles.

book cover designs for tyndale house publishers

watch, wide-awake faith in a world fast asleep : cover concepts
the masterpiece, a novel : cover concepts (graffiti art by cameron moberg)
keep christianity weird, embracing the discipline of being different : cover concepts
the struggle is real : cover concepts
eternity is now in session : cover concepts
the seamstress, a novel : cover concepts (calligraphy by jonathan phelps)
find your way, unleash your power and highest potential : cover concepts
the wired soul, finding spiritual balance in a hyperconnected age : cover concepts
open, get ready for the adventure of a lifetime : cover concepts
courage, dear heart : cover concepts
sneezing jesus, the infectious allure of the human god : cover concepts
all the pretty things, the story of a southern girl who went through fire to find her way home : cover concepts
i will give you rest : salvation army cause-driven bible

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