Graphic Designer. Critical-Thinker.
My name is Jen Phelps. I am challenged and inspired by the designed world around us. Actively pursuing contemporary creative solutions founded in rich historical significance, I seek to design with beautiful clarity. I view graphic design as the created experience, the answered question, and the clear communication that grows successful communities, ideas, and passions. In work and in life, I esteem true collaboration, excellent craft, a great cup of coffee and the seamless letter-form.
I am most familiar with books and all things print, while working to learn the digital world on the night shift. Also in my spare time, I enjoy reading books, collecting mid-century modern decor, and experimenting with cocktail craft. I'm most excited to learn from unfamiliar places, experiences, and people.
The values below are foundational to my daily grind; the reason for iteration, failure, and success. They pave the way, challenge quality, and preserve sanity. Not only is design a visual gateway for success, the ability to incorporate design thinking within our established systems and structures is a gift, improving human lives and solving real-world problems.
Honor the Process:
I respect environments that require thoughtful research, collaboration, and critique. I have found dynamic process to be the backbone of successful design solutions that tell a greater story.
Esteem Typography:
Typography is the strong visual foundation of my designs, communicating with clarity and instilling intrigue. I'm passionate about pursuing excellent craftsmanship with type treatments on all platforms.
Unify Function and Form:
What I love about the design process is the ability to create accessible solutions using seamless form, telling relevant stories, and maintaining high standards that intentionally serve the end user's success.
Influence Living:
I want to design for change, for good; to positively influence society; to understand the need for diverse cultures and peoples; to show humans they are important; to reach beyond expectations and pursue unified community.
Design Legacies:
Concepts often steeped in historical reality inspire me to research the past and create a lasting legacy through rich and timeless designs.
currently reading
 Educated by Tara Westover
Type on Screen by Ellen Lupton

inspired by
Dieter Rams | Charles & Ray Eames | Ettore Sotsass | Steve Jobs | Herb Lubalin | Eero Saarinen | Edith Heath | Mies Van Der Rohe | Alexander Girard | George Nelson | Lella & Massimo Vignelli | Florence Knoll | Hans Wegner | Paul Rand | Rudy Vanderlans & Zuzana Licko . . . to name a few
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